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AFPC Family Night on November 3rd

Please join us for our next Aspen Family Night, Friday November 3rd from 6:30-8:00pm, featuring America’s Got Talent semi-finalist Matt Wilhelm.  Matt is the fastest spinner in the world on a BMX Bike, and will perform an exciting array of BMX bike tricks while explaining how he rode his way to the top.  In addition to an action packed bike show, Matt will deliver an entertaining and engaging message to empower students with a focus on resilience, a never give up attitude,  and anti-bullying.   You are not going to want to miss this show, so mark your calendars today.  In addition to the entertainment, we will be selling Culvers vanilla custard in the cafeteria.
STEM Project

Students Design Windproof Homes in STEM Project

Aspen fifth-grade students complete a STEM activity in their science class.  The challenge was to design a new home for the “Three Little Pigs” using index cards and tape.  The houses had to withstand wind.